Luminous Balloon and Pump

Luminous Balloon and Pump

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Also Known As LED Light Up Balloon

These transparent "bubble" balloons expand up to 20 inches and can be filled with anything from feathers, stuffed animals, roses/rose petals, and or money.



1 - 20" Transparent Bubble Balloon

1 - 6ft LED fairy string light

1 - Single 16" Long Stem Silk Rose in pink, red, or white (for custom flower or other stuffing, Please Contact Us)

1 - 260q latex Long Twisting Latex Balloon (NOTE: This is to be used to secure the mouth of the transparent inflated balloon around the rose stem. After inflation, simply wrap around the mouth of the balloon as many times as possible and tie in a knot) 

1 - Balloon Inflatable Manual Air Pump Includes 1-Pump, 1- 3ft Hose, 2-Nozzles. Can either inflate or deflate. 36" long flexible hose slides onto pump connector. Slide nozzles onto hose tip (Blue connector inflates, red connector deflates). PLEASE NOTE: ONLY ONE (1) MANUAL PUMP WILL BE INCLUDED WITH EACH ORDER OF BALLOONS. IF YOU REQUIRE MORE THAN ONE PUMP PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY.

Color of Rose inside Transparent Balloon